“It’s not hard to see why this Melbourne trio are The Datsuns favourite Australian band. When it’s quiet in the adult bookstore where he works night-shift, Tommy Boyce writes clenched-fist rock anthems like “10 Outta 10”, one of the standout tracks from their debut EP, “…Keep It Hot”.” – NME, London, 11/10/02



It’s not rock. It’s not even Rock. It’s ROCK. Melbourne trio The Casanovas are pure, unadulterated guitar adrenalin wrapped in a tight t-shirt and faded jeans. They’re a mighty remix of everything good about your favourite band, but with the ability to make it distinctly their own sound. You can’t throw your arms around a memory, but The Casanovas are all too real.

Formed in late ’99 as a three piece, the band now comprises brothers Tommy and Patrick Boyce, on guitar/vocals and drums respectively, with Damian Campbell on bass. A launch pad of rehearsal and recording has now seen The Casanovas leap onto the national stage. They’ve recently toured Australia with the likes of The Datsuns and The Dictators and have already hit festival stages at the Big Day Out and Meredith.

With the likes of You Am I’s Tim Rogers voicing his praise, it’s little wonder The Casanovas have earnt a reputation as one of Australia’s premier new acts – a message that is already reached overseas and will soon see the band making converts internationally. It’s going to be a long hot summer…

“Combining the best elements of classic AC/DC, the Ramones and every other sleaze ball rocker to have crawled outta the gutter in the last 30 years, The CASANOVAS are the best damn rawk’n’roll outfit this country has spewed forth in eons.” BEAT, Melbourne, 1/01