As of 2005, it will have been twenty-five years since the formation of Night Ranger, twenty-two years since the release of their debut album Dawn Patrol , and fifteen years since they recorded their last 80's album together and went their separate ways. Night Ranger came full circle to scale the hard rock heights again in 1997. Original band members Jack Blades, Jeff Watson, Kelly Keagy & Brad Gillis reunited to create Seven , a studio album that was pure Night Ranger - the very best of the hard rock genre that set the standard for the 80's rock and roll revival.
Night Ranger, one of America's most successful touring and recording bands, left their indelible mark on music charts with a string of best-selling albums between 1982 and 1988 (including Dawn Patrol , Midnight Madness , Seven Wishes , Big Life and Man in Motion ) that went on to sell a total of more than 16 million copies worldwide. At the same time, their popularity was fueled by an impressive string of instantly recognizable hit singles and signature album tracks that are as much a part of the 80's rock lore as Night Ranger itself, including Sister Christian , (You Can Still) Rock in America , When You Close Your Eyes, Sentimental Street, Goodbye, and Don't Tell Me You Love Me , among many others. The band was also one of the first big “Video” bands, with multiple #1 videos on MTV.
When the band parted ways in 1989, the individual members were among the few of that decade's big artists to carry their successes into the 90's.  
Blades founded the supergroup Damn Yankees with Ted Nugent and Tommy Shaw (from Styx ) and enjoyed two multi-platinum selling albums, Damn Yankees and Don't Tread, plus chart-topping singles and #1 videos. Jack has co-written songs with and performed on CDs of many of the decade's biggest artists including Aerosmith, Cher, Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne to name a few. He's even played with a Beatle! Jack was asked to join in on the filming and recording of Ringo Starr's VH1 Storytellers . In 2004, Blades released his first solo album, Jack Blades featuring Tommy Shaw, his Night Ranger bandmates, and more. He even found time in 2004 to co-write and record a #1 multi-platinum CD for Japan (TMG), featuring Japan 's favorite son, Tak Matsumoto of the mega-group B'z. Jack also enjoys success as a producer at his studio in Northern California , having produced among other things, Great White and Ted Nugent.  (For more, see
Watson put out two star-studded solo CDs, Lone Ranger (featuring Sammy Hagar, Steve Smith of Journey, and Steve Morse of Deep Purple) and Around The Sun (featuring Steve Walsh of Kansas), and played guitar on two Chris Isaak albums. He wrote songs for and appeared in several episodes of the hit CBS Don Johnson TV series Nash Bridges , and is enjoying three albums of overseas success with his heavy metal supergroup, Mothers Army, featuring Joe Lynn Turner, Bob Daisley and Aynsley Dunbar. Jeff also enjoys success as a studio owner, producer, and engineer, and aside from ongoing television writing, recently wrote and scored his first feature film on the Yosemite Valley documentary, Vertical Frontier .  (For more, see

Gillis (who toured for a year with Ozzy Osbourne and recorded the Platinum selling Speak of the Devil CD), recorded his first solo album, Gilrock Ranch in 1992, which featured Carmine Appice and Keagy on drums, and Gregg Allman on vocals. Gilrock Ranch garnered national airplay and a Top 20 AOR hit. Also released in 2001 in Europe and Japan, was Gillis' most recent solo effort, Alligator. His production house Liquid Hot Music Production ( has recorded over 100 tracks for TV sporting events such as ESPN, FOX Sports , and The Tennis Channel and has had music featured in popular video games such as Electronic Arts Tiger Woods Playstation I & II Golf Games, along with several major movie soundtracks. (For more, see
Keagy recently finished, and released, his long awaited first solo CD, Time Passes , featuring many name guests, including most of his Night Ranger bandmates. As both composer and singer of Night Ranger's biggest hit Sister Christian, Kelly has been in demand, collaborating with many of the country's top songwriters. Kelly has also been doing shows around the country with the classic rock super-group, Jim Peterik's World Stage, featuring Alan Parsons (of the Alan Parsons Project), Kip Winger (of Winger), Tom Keifer (of Cinderella), Don Barnes (of 38 Special), Kevin Cronin (of REO Speedwagon) and more. (For more, see
Michael Lardie rounded out the touring lineup in 2004, after his successful membership in the multi-platinum selling band Great White in which he was one of two primary songwriters while also playing guitar, keyboards, producing and engineering their most successful records. He has also been enjoying an additional career as a Producer/Engineer who has sold over 7 million records worldwide.
By the summer of 1996, the members were ready to reunite for a summer tour with Ted Nugent. The fan reaction they received convinced them that there is still a hungry audience for great rock and roll. For the last five years, Night Ranger has been hitting it hard every summer, tearing up the big stages with such acts as REO Speedwagon, Styx, Journey, Bad Company, Pat Benatar, Loverboy, Poison, Cinderella, Boston, Heart, Sammy Hagar, Cheap Trick, Kansas, and more. In response to the overwhelming success of their continual touring, MCA Records released The Best of NIGHT RANGER / The Millennium Collection in 2000, a remastered CD full of the bands best songs and biggest hits, and in 2004 released The Best of NIGHT RANGER / The DVD Collection featuring five of the band's MTV videos.
Next up, you can expect a live DVD, a new electric & acoustic album and worldwide touring as Night Ranger continues flexing its creative muscle. Night Ranger prepares to hit the road this year, ready to keep bringing their guitar-crunching, melodic brand of hard rock well into the 21st century. Known worldwide for their high energy and musically stellar live show, they still garner nothing but rave reviews from both the press and the public. Considering how many of the past decade's bands are no longer on the forefront, that alone is proof that this is a band whose music is for all decades.