is an interesting mixture of ingredients. Neil Alday writes the only way he knows how, as a man raised on country but in love with rock. The combination of the early influence of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Johnny Cash crashing into the modern icons of Nivanna, and Ryan Adams, to scratch the surface. His voice physically reacts in the anguish of never feeling at peace in the world. Not in love, music, on the road, or at home.

If the song writing of Alday is the foundation of Socialburn then it is decorated by Chris Cobbs spooky melodies and delayed textures. He layers in melodies, takes an emotional picture of the words, and gives them color. The contradictions of Cobb in songs like "U", "Stacy" and more recently "Be a Man", and "The Leaving Song" echo the sediments of the lyrics, haunting you like a memory.



Dusty Price is the youngest member. Raised on classical cello and church music he brings a sensitive writing ability to the band that fuses into Socialburn with excellent results. "One More Day" reflects the heart break of divorce, the end of normal life and the trip into manhood. His bass lines and harmonies slide in and out of songs as though they were never there.

Brandon Bittner is the back bone everyone else leans on. Blessed with a freakish time meter he plays with strength, and then gets out of the songs path. Just when the song has reached its peak, he breaks it down to nothing and builds it up again. Good old 2 and 4 at its finest.

Awe, who are we I kidding! These guys started playing at Neil's house, caught a lucky break and were smart enough not to screw it up. They scammed a record company out of a ton of money, convinced everyone they could be a national act, and then went out and did it! Along the way they were nice to their fans and the people in radio that put them on the charts. They met a lot of great bands, made friends all over the country and throughout the record business. These guys have fallen into all the cliché’s of rock, and somehow remained themselves. They suffer from the same pitfalls that anyone their age would in this insane business. They have been jailed, intoxicated, suffered the death of friends, lost great women and bags of money. They have eaten with kings and slept with pigs. Now all they have to do is write some new songs and do it all over again. They can't wait to see what's next. Hang in there with these knuckle heads and if nothing else you will be entertained.